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YOU ARE ENGAGED – HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! It is the most exciting time and hopefully you are enjoying celebrating with your family and friends. Now on to the wedding planning right?
I imagine by now you have been asked at least a couple of the following questions:
Have you set a wedding date?
Where will you get married?
What style of wedding will you have?
Can I be your bridesmaid?!
Whilst getting engaged is the most wonderful time, all of the questions from well meaning family and friends can add a sense of urgency on your decisions about your wedding, but it needn’t be the case.
Here are my 5 top tips for getting started with your planning so you can take it at your own pace.
Deciding who you would like at your wedding is a great place to start. Would you like a small and intimate wedding, or a lavish affair with all your family and friends around you? Once you have an idea of the size of your wedding, it can help with decisions such as the type of wedding venues you look at & the level of wedding budget you will need.
Now I know we aren’t great at talking money, but you need to establish fairly early on the kind of budget you will have for your wedding. Are family contributing or are you paying for it all yourself? If family are contributing it’s a good idea to have the conversations as early as you can to determine how much and if their gift comes with any conditions! Your wedding day will hopefully be the best day of your life, and having the budget to realise some of your wedding dreams and create the day you want is important.
Best men, ushers, bridesmaids or maid of honour, the list can be as long or as short as you would like it to be! These are all roles which many would be honoured to be asked to carry out for your wedding. However, it’s a good idea to ask as soon as you’re confident with your choices to avoid guess work and any awkward assumptions! Pick wisely – these will be the people organising your hen or stag party if you are having one!
The UK or abroad? There are so many beautiful options in our area from the Cornwall Coast for a beach wedding, to the beautiful Cotswold countryside for a country wedding and of course many fantastic towns & cities in between for those looking for a more urban wedding. For those yearning for guaranteed sunshine or a tropical beach wedding, a stunning destination wedding may be the choice for you. Consider what is most important to you about your day and this will help your decision.  For example if all your friends and family being there is key, then the UK is probably the best option for you. But if a warm or snowy cold location are top of your list then a destination wedding might be your best bet!
I personally feel that deciding on a style for your wedding should come before your venue search! Create a mood-board the old fashioned way with pieces of material, items from nature, textures, words, quotes and pictures that inspire you. This will help you create a wedding style or theme that is unique to you as a couple. Pinterest absolutely has its place once you have your style nailed down, but I feel if you start there you may get drawn in to creating someone else’s day!
Once you have made these 5 decisions, you will have a great foundation to build from as you embark upon your wedding planning journey and the many many decisions that will follow!


As a wedding planner it is my pleasure to offer a range of services for engaged couples as they commence upon their wedding planning journey. From inspiration and kick starter sessions, through to full wedding planning where every detail will be taken care of for you. Take a look at my services page to find out more or book a free consultation to see how Copperfox Planning can help you create the stylish, creative and fun wedding day you dream of.


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